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The foundation of your Estate Plan

If you die without a will, state laws of descent and distribution will determine who receives your property. Typically the distribution would be to your spouse and children, or if none, to other family members. That plan may or may not reflect your actual wishes, and some of the built-in protections may not be necessary in a harmonious family setting. New Leaf Legacy’s mission is drafting a will that make your wishes known and permits you to exercise control over a myriad of personal decisions to suit your family’s needs.

New Leaf Legacy will begin by listening carefully to your story — we will want a clear picture of your goals and your plans for the future. From there, we will begin to draft a comprehensive will that voices your wishes. Wills are written with various degrees of complexity and can be utilized to achieve a wide range of family and tax objectives.

Your will should be reviewed every three to five years in order to verify that it is current with existing law. Further, your will should be updated when you experience any major life events, such as marriage or relocation.

Understanding aspects of a Will

Tip One: A will is an excellent place to name the guardians of your minor children should you pass away and leave them without parents. This important decision should never be left up to chance. There is no guarantee that your children will have your preferred choice for guardians ― and may result in heated family disputes.

Tip two: A will does not mean your estate will avoid probate, however if your desires are clearly stated, your family has legal grounds to address any claims that may arise.

Tip three: A will only has legal authority after a person dies. A will cannot help manage a person’s affairs if he or she is alive, but otherwise incapacitated, either by injury or illness. In situations like this, durable powers of attorney and health care directives may be helpful. These other important documents will be key portions of the estate plan designed by New Leaf Legacy.

Suzy is very friendly, polite and easy to communicate with. Being knowledgeable and up-to-date with Estate Law, she is very adroit in combining the law with her client’s wishes. The result is a well-thought-out and understandable Will or Estate Plan. The result is the client’s piece of mind, knowing that “all is well.


Suzy guided me through the many elements of my Estate Plan with compassion for my needs when there were difficulties. I would recommend Suzy with no hesitation.