Estate Planning

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A will is a legal document that states your preferences for the distribution of your assets, establishes who is in charge of your estate, and provides for the care of your children. An experienced estate planner will ensure that your preferences are clear and details are addressed in order to avoid legal hurdles after your death. 


Trusts are established to provide for the needs of your family. Upon death, your assets can pass directly to your beneficiaries and avoid probate. At this difficult time your family will have access to the funds needed for life necessities like healthcare and living expenses. A trust may also result in tax benefits and protection from creditors. 

Power of Attorney (POA)

A power of attorney is a legal document giving a designated person the power to act on your behalf. Your designated agent can make legal decisions about property, finances or medical care. The power of attorney is frequently used in the event of a principal’s illness or disability, or to sign necessary legal documents for financial transactions. 

Living Wills

A living will (often called an “advanced directive”) specifies the type of medical care an individual does or does not want in the event they are unable to communicate their wishes. In the case of an unconscious person who suffers from a terminal illness or a life-threatening injury, doctors and hospitals consult the living will to determine the patient’s care wishes. 


A deed transfers ownership rights in a home or other property from the current owner to a new one. Deeds are important when a person inherits property, and deeds can also be used to transfer gifts, trust contents and certain rights. An experienced attorney ensures the deed is written and executed according to the law. 

Suzy is very friendly, polite and easy to communicate with. Being knowledgeable and up-to-date with Estate Law, she is very adroit in combining the law with her client’s wishes. The result is a well-thought-out and understandable Will or Estate Plan. The result is the client’s piece of mind, knowing that “all is well.


Suzy guided me through the many elements of my Estate Plan with compassion for my needs when there were difficulties. I would recommend Suzy with no hesitation.