Property Deeds

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Ensuring proper deeds for the estate

Ensuring deeds are in order is a big part of the estate plan process. New Leaf Legacy will research deeds on your properties and make sure ownership is properly stated and filed.

A deed is a legal document that transfers property ownership rights in real estate. Deeds in their most basic form contain:

  • A description of the property or real estate involved
  • The names of the parties
  • The signature of the person transferring the real estate

Common types of property deeds and how they are used:

General warranty deed:
A warranty deed transfers ownership and provides additional promises, including that the transferring party has good title (in other words, the property is free of any encumbrances like liens and easements). If the promises made turn out to be untrue, the transferring party (the grantee) agrees to compensate the buyer.
Grant deed:
A grant deed transfers ownership interest and traditionally promises that the property hasn’t already been transferred to someone else.
Quitclaim deed:
A quitclaim deed transfers whatever ownership rights that the transferring party may have on the property. Quitclaim deeds are useful for transferring rights when it’s unclear exactly what those rights are.

Suzy is very friendly, polite and easy to communicate with. Being knowledgeable and up-to-date with Estate Law, she is very adroit in combining the law with her client’s wishes. The result is a well-thought-out and understandable Will or Estate Plan. The result is the client’s piece of mind, knowing that “all is well.


Suzy guided me through the many elements of my Estate Plan with compassion for my needs when there were difficulties. I would recommend Suzy with no hesitation.